domenica 23 ottobre 2016


How does Vedanta define enlightenment?

Short answer: The permanent removal of ignorance regarding one's true nature as limitless, non-dual awareness.

Long answer: Vedanta asserts that you are already non-dual awareness, you just do not know it. Therefore, it is simply a problem of misunderstanding. There is ignorance regarding your true nature and it must be removed. Removing this ignorance only reveals what is already there: yourself i.e. non-dual awareness. 
Because this is just an issue of removing ignorance, enlightenment is NOT: 
A state of higher consciousness, 
a mystical experience, 
the stopping of thoughts, 
the destruction of the ego, 
or the gaining of something you don't already have. 
It does not, I repeat, it does not confer a special status on someone.

Enlightenment cannot be a state because all states are experiences. Every experience is subject to time. They all begin and end. 
If enlightenment is a state or experience then it will begin and end. 
If that was the case then enlightenment would be worthless. What good is temporary enlightenment?

James Swartz